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  • Getting To Know You

    If you would like to tell us a bit more about yourself, please go ahead!

    Just leave out anything you would prefer not to tell.

    1. Name?
    2. Where are you from?
    3. Age?
    4. Are you an Author or Reader
    4. Favourite holiday location?
    5. Why?
    6. Do you drive?
    7. What do you drive?
    8. Do you have kids?
    9. Favourite food?
    10. Favourite drink?
    11. Favourite film?
    12. Favourite TV programme?
    13. Favourite Sport and team?
    14. Favourite Theme Park?
    15. Favourite Festival?

    Please copy and paste this into a new post and then just fill in any answers you want to give.

    If there are any other questions that you feel may be appropriate please let us know.