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These Are The Top Kids' Birthday Party Trends For 2019

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  • These Are The Top Kids' Birthday Party Trends For 2019

    Now that we have made it through Christmas and New Year's, we know exactly what all parents want to do: start planning their child's birthday party.
    Just kidding! If you got through Christmas with kids, please take a moment to congratulate yourself. Put your feet up. Take many, many deep breaths. You did it!
    But eventually, your child will have a birthday party, and once you've had several pedicures and/or neck massages, you will want to plan it. So once you're ready — and only then! — here are some of 2019's biggest kids' birthday party trends, according to Pinterest's annual 100 trends report.
    Chalk drawing

    Chalk is fun, cheap, and — best of all — impermanent. Why not get kids to draw on the ground, or on individual chalk boards? You can even set up a big chalk wall that everyone can sign or play on.
    Number-shaped cakes

    Get your number-shaped pans ready, because according to Pinterest, searches for number cakes are up 314 per cent.[INDENT]

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    [URL=""]Prima torta del 2019... per il piccolo Lorenzo che compie 2 anni! Auguri!!!