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  • Which type of Music

    If you love to enjoy music so let me know which type of music you like to enjoy most from all.
    • Blues.
    • Classical.
    • Country.
    • Folk.
    • Jazz.
    • New age.
    • Reggae.
    • Electronic
    Hope you will like to share with us as soon as possible.

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    I love music and really like to enjoy music in my free time for the fun and refreshment. Classical and Folk are my favorite music which I really like to enjoy. According to me, music is that thing which you can enjoy at any time according to your mood and it is also a big way of refreshment. Anyhow, which kind of music is your favorite?


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      Kingston, indeed music is a way of saying something to another person or feeling fresh. I also have a great interest in music and that was a time when I want to be a singer but can't give proper time to this passion due to daily life. Anyhow, let's talk about which is your favorite song which you normally like to sing in your good mod?


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        Oh! It is really sad to hear that due to your other work and the daily routine of life, you couldn't fulfill your passion. But I think now you can do this if you are still interested in it. anyhow, if I talk about my favorite song, then I must say the sad of Justin Bieber is my favorite. Never Let You is my favorite song by this singer.
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          No, I can't fulfill my desire cause I have spoiled my voice with cold drinks and wine. So that's why it becomes hard for me now. Anyhow, its good for me to know that you also like to enjoy the songs of Justin Bieber. So let me know which song of that guys you like to enjoy most?


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            Oh, it is really sad to know that due to spoiled of your voice you can't fulfill you’re this desire. Anyhow, if we talk about the Justin Bieber songs, then I like this singer all the songs and mostly listen. One song is top of the list in my music list that song name is love yourself. I love this lyric.