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What is travel near to you?

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  • What is travel near to you?

    Traveling is a way of knowing information about different people, regions, cultures, and traditions as well. I love this way of having fun and love to relish memories with family and friends by exploring different attractions. I love to travel bu\y bust and keen to know what are your views about this activity? Have you ever enjoyed?
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    Going to agree with you, by traveling, we can get information about various kinds of things which you have shared in your post. According to my point of view, traveling is the biggest source of entertainment as well as getting information. I also love traveling and really like to spend my time in various places. In fact, like you, I also like to enjoy my tours by bus tours because through this, we can enjoy more.


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      Traveling is a great hobby that people love to have. I also have a great interest in this thing as to be aroud the beautiful sights of the world remains so amazing. I am a fun seeker and love to do many other things while traveling. Love to make friends, know about tradition, languages, food and others way of life of the some of specific region or place. Always have fun with it so amazingly and now have a plan to be around Europe's Best one sights.


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        Seriously quite a cool thing knows about you all through this thread. you guys have the same opinion about traveling like me this is a positive sign. I am so sure now I can easily solve my problems and remove hesitations about different places and their cultures. So let's talk about guys first some advantage of traveling? Try to share your thoughts about this.


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          Louis! No doubt it is a really nice thing, we all are positive think about the traveling and also share our thoughts about the traveling freely here which is really good. I must say that through this community, you will get a useful stuff about the various places and other things which will prove beneficial for you. However, let's talk about the traveling advantage. According to me, it is a big source of refreshment. If you feel sad, then through traveling you can change your feelings and feel relaxed and refresh, which is the biggest advantage of traveling.


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            Great effort from your side and over to add here indeed traveling is a great way of having fun it has many advantages like
            1. collecting lifetime memories,
            2. Increases Self Confidence
            3. Knowing about different cultures and traditions
            4. Increase friend list
            5. Boost up your communication skills.

            What do you think which one could a big advantage over all near to you?